Sir Ivan Links With DJs From Mars To Remix ‘Love Is All Around’

Sir Ivan, the illustrious singer-songwriter-philanthropist known as Peaceman, has dedicated his entire career to the promotion of peace and unity through his music. His latest release, an EDM remix of the classic song “Love Is All Around,” is an energizing listen, a must-have for EDM aficionados, and anyone looking for an elevating experience.

The track, infused with extra-terrestrial synths and a cosmic bassline, exudes an energy that’s hard to resist. It’s an electrifying celebration of love and hope, encouraging listeners to let loose and hit the dancefloor. DJs From Mars are known for their uncanny ability to blend genres in a way that’s unexpected yet refreshing, and their remix of “Love Is All Around” is a befitting example of this.

Sir Ivan’s music is characterized by its encouraging messages of positivity and hope, a beacon of hope in times of adversity.

Sir Ivan’s unique sound is a fusion of EDM and Pop, with irresistible hooks and beats that get people grooving. His lyrics inspire, promoting the idea of unity and encouraging listeners to overcome their differences and work together towards a more peaceful world. His commitment to promoting peace and positive change goes beyond his music. He founded The Peaceman Foundation to create awareness of global issues and promote peace, and he’s supported various causes and organizations throughout his career. His philanthropic efforts have earned him numerous accolades, and he’s become an inspiration to many through his dedication to making the world a better place.

The remix of “Love Is All Around” by Sir Ivan and DJs From Mars is an electrifying collaboration, uniting their unique sounds and messages of positivity and hope. This is a must-listen for EDM fans and anyone seeking an uplifting experience that celebrates love and unity.

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