Skyler Madison Adds Emotional Melodic Bass Energy To Flux Pavilion’s ‘Sink Your Teeth’

Skyler Madison’s “Sink Your Teeth,” infuses a well-known Circus Records release with a dose of epic melodic bass. The energy injected in this one not only captures a tender spirit, but showcases an eclectic balance between what the original had to offer and Madison’s own style. The vocal work of Drowsy melds nicely with the new feel through the remix, heightening the enhanced theme that is present. Having signings on labels like Circus Records and Monstercat, Skyler Madison’s hard work and unique sound has paid off. On top of this, her stream count is on the incline, she’s captures a sound that’s different and rising in demand, all while only launching the project in 2021.

She’s now been booked for Tomorrowland 2022, which recently dropped a massive lineup as it continues it’s return to normal post-pandemic, here name being one of the many featured. The epic rise of Skyler Madison is upon us. If you dig what this flip has brought to the table, dive into her catalog up to this point and soak in more of what this journey is all about.




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