SM1LO Follow Up ‘About You’ Success with ‘Blow My Horn’ Collaboration

Certainly sharing a specific ‘pun-intended’ from the get-go, “Blow My Horn,” carries many winning traits within it thanks to the likes of SM1LO, FARRUGGIO, & The Merch. The single showcases a pronounced hook nearly from the get-go, the hook then transferring to an explosive drop that’s catchy as all get out.

SM1LO mentions that the hum built into the melodic hook was inspired by the tribal chanting from Wolf Of Wall Street, aiming to build the same type of theme into this particular track.

“In late 2019, Farruggio along with James and I, were thinking about high energy club bangers that can be added to the late night performances for the upcoming summer 2020. We liked the concept of using a, “Wolf of Wall Street,” type vocal – the catchiness of the chant that Matthew McConaughey hummed in the intro scene. Considering the popularity of sax in EDM, we undertook the idea to merge a catchy vocal hum with brass stabs and sax.”

Goal well achieved, the combination of collaboration partners could seemingly be a challenge, yet the single comes out balanced and gives many instruments their time and place, eclectically making the track warm, party friendly, and extremely inviting.

SM1LO have been around the block, from support via grand stand names like The Chainsmokers to landing 3 million plays on their single released before this, “About You,” thanks to organic virality via Instagram Reels.

The boys Mike Smilo and James Strzz clearly know what they’re doing, showing signs of only inclining in 2021.




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