Small Talk Rings in New Year with “Alarm”

After 25 drafts and countless man-hours, Small Talk is finally ready to unveil their long-awaited track on disco:wax, “Alarm.” To hear it directly from them,  ”Over the years we made many good friends within the music. Two of those friends are Lukas & Anders. We have worked on many projects with them before, cause besides making music we have the best time as friends as well.

Both guys flew over from Denmark to The Netherlands to have a writing camp, making pretty much anything we liked at that very moment. We didn’t expect to write something for Small Talk, let alone “Alarm”. The base of the idea took just one day to create with them as co-writers, but finishing the track after the camp took many days of perfecting every single element in the track, as we loved it so much.”

The duo met at a music academy in The Netherlands and started creating their own music in their second year of school. To ensure their tracks are of the highest quality, they’ve put together a fantastic network of writer friends and life-long artists colleges they collaborate with regularly. With some incredible support systems, a desire to grow, and impeccable vision for their music, Small Talk is a pair to keep your eyes on. Stream “Alarm” now!

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