SMOAKLAND Releases Transformational Sophomore Album Titled ‘STAY IN YOUR LANE…’

Smoakland’s STAY IN YOUR LANE… emerges as a standout album, with Anthony Battaglia and Harrison Hays delivering a distinctive mix of tracks that boldly distinguish themselves within the eclectic world of electronic music.

Boasting a fusion of electronic elements with an undercurrent of West Coast sounds, Smoakland has crafted an album that reflects their growth and the eclectic experiences gathered along their artistic journey. Their evolution from the compelling live set of their Electric Forest debut to their “Liquid Smoak” tour has led to this moment—a creative output that is as much about musical innovation as it is about personal expression. STAY IN YOUR LANE… is more than just music; it’s an artistic declaration, a sonic exploration that redefines what it means to make a mark in today’s electronic music scene.

While each track on the album offers a unique journey, the overarching theme remains unwavering: the courage to be oneself in the face of skepticism. This message strikes a chord with the festival-goers and daydreamers alike—those who can go by the beat of their own drum.

The duo’s rise from their memorable Electric Forest debut to dominating the Beatport Dubstep charts has been nothing short of a spectacle. And now, as they embark on a comprehensive headline tour, Smoakland’s story continues to inspire. It’s a reminder that in the chase of musical dreams, sometimes the boldest move is to simply remain true to your course.

With “STAY IN YOUR LANE…”, Smoakland has not only set a high bar for electronic albums but also for the artists behind the music, who navigate their careers with grace and passion. It’s a celebration of resilience, evolution, and, above all, the sweet, harmonious freedom of doing your own thing your own way.




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