Snyder Releases Intoxicating Single “Petrified”

Over the past couple of years, Chicago DJ and producer Snyder has undoubtedly proved his hit-making ability. The artist never shies away from experimenting and combining elements of pop and electronic to create intoxicating vibes, something that can be proven by recent releases such as dancehall vibe “Narcissist” with Dre of the East, as well as “Til Nothing Is Left” with rapper 51b. 

The established artist just teamed up with 51b once again for infectious cut “Petrified”. The single perfectly combines radio-ready vibes with house energy, starting off with catchy chords and 51b’s autotuned vocals. Melodic vocal chops carry the progression forward, before listeners are met with a drop driven by lush chords and electronic, groovy drums. 

“B and I have an undeniable chemistry when it comes to dance records,” explains Snyder. “It’s funny, when we first started working in 2018 he hadn’t touched the electronic music genre, now we have something like 6 Dance records all slated for release over the next few years. ‘Petrified’ was originally called ‘Can’t Let Go’, and we sat on it for over a year. Most times when I have a record I’ll sit on it and try to perfect it over a certain period of time, this one went through several different phases over the course of that year and a half and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”




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