Soccer Mommy’s “Sometimes, Forever” Album Has Arrived

Two years after Soccer Mommy’s critically acclaimed sophomore album “Color Theory,” “Sometimes, Forever” has finally arrived, bringing together a refreshing yet reminiscent mix of songs to the table. With the help of producer Daniel Lopatin, also known as Oneohtrix Point Never, it is clear that Sophie Allison has once again proved her talent in songwriting and experimental sounds. 

To start off this chapter, Soccer Mommy introduced her first single off the album, “Shotgun,” an angsty indie-rock track filled with synthy guitar loops and wistful vocals. When speaking about the song, Allison said: “‘Shotgun’ is all about the joys of losing yourself in love. I wanted it to capture the little moments in a relationship that stick with you.” 

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter went on to release three more singles; “Unholy Affliction,” “Bones,” and “newdemo.” Of the three, “Bones” naturally stuck out the most, being the introduction to the entire album. This track reveals Soccer Mommy’s struggles with self-doubt through a failing relationship. Her vulnerability is further displayed through the lines: “I’m trying to be someone/ That you could love and understand/ But I know that I’m not.” 

While songs like “Feel It All The Time” and “Still” may feel slightly more familiar, tracks like “With U” and “Darkness, Forever” really showcase Soccer Mommy’s experimenting with production. “With U” has a punchy intro and almost symphonic-like atmosphere, while “Darkness, Forever” is just as its name implies, a haunting track with melancholic riffs, exploratory electronic effects, and broody percussion. With such a wide range of songs on this album, listeners are bound to find one they’ll enjoy. 

“Sometimes, Forever” is a record that takes risks and shows a new side to Allison. Each track is filled with compelling melodies, captivating storytelling, and an undeniable charm. The title “Sometimes, Forever” refers to the concept that all things good and bad continue to happen throughout all stages of life. As put by Allison herself: “Sorrow and emptiness will pass, but they will always come back around — as will joy. At some point you’re forced to say, I’ll just have to take both.” 

“Sometimes, Forever” is a wonderful experience and an album that is sure to become timeless in the future. 




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