“Something About You”: Elderbrook Exclusive Interview

Over the last four years, we’ve been mesmerized by the sounds from Elderbrook. He’s brought an undeniable style of poignant electronic music. He’s even made the recent cross-over to Top 40 radio play with his hit single, “Something About You”. It’s safe to say that he will continue to define the sounds of electronic music for years to come.

Most recently, Elderbrook unveiled his single, “Numb”, via Warner Music’s Big Beat Records. The new single is a beautiful composition of penetrative synths and entrancing beats of percussion. These elements serve as the perfect wave to carry Elderbrook’s melancholy vocals to the soul of listeners. Once there, the sounds swirl and mystify the inner workings of the synapses conjuring strong emotive intoxication. In other, simpler words, it’s an absolutely brilliant track.

To mark Elderbook’s ascension and new release, he took the time out of his busy schedule to provide us with insight into who he is or rather “Something About You”. Here are six facts about the Grammy-nominated artist:

I get up early and run short distances even when it’s December.

love hamburgers 

I am 1% Norwegian according to the DNA testing thing.

I live in the countryside on the outskirts of London. 

I do not like drinking gin out of those huge bowls. Don’t know why it started but I’m ending it. 

I’ve started giving people sage advice on the last train home. It does not always go well. 


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