Sora Drops Bass-Fueled Single ‘The Pit’ On Gud Vibrations

Living out in Texas, Isaiah Clayton is a gifted producer who has put out tracks on numerous renowned labels over the years. Known by his artist persona, Sora, this talented up-and-comer is in preparation mode for his debut at Freaky Deaky 2022. Building up anticipation for his set at the Halloween-themed experience, Sora has decided to release his reality-twisting single “The Pit”.

Utilizing a combination of grimy dubstep progressions, robotic-sounding effects, and energetic vocals, “The Pit” is a bass-packed adventure through the mind of Sora. Just like it mentions during some of the buildups, this track comes with a warning that the necks of crowd members will be broken. The choppy sequences of riddim along with the high-pitched melodies create an aura that is prime for headbanging.

This single showcases Sora’s unique take on dubstep as a producer. Another track where this is clearly evident is his remix of INF1N1TE’s “Overrun”. Additionally, Sora’s “Dawn” EP on Halycon, featured five mind-bending tracks that altered listeners’ auditory perception. These releases and more have gained the support of top-tier dubstep artists like Kayzo, Excision, and Ace Aura. This new song is sure to be supported by big names as well. Dropped on the prominent Gud Vibrations, “The Pit” is a warehouse banger that will shake the Earth when Sora plays it live at Freaky Deaky.





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