‘Sovereign Collection Vol. 2’ Graces The World of Pop-Infused House Music

Sovereign Records returns with a massive second compilation album, “Sovereign Collection Vol.2”. Representing them are 8 exceptional artists, each offering their own palatable blend of ecstatic synths, punchy house kicks, and good vibes. The label’s musical and visual identities both continue to not only define but help advance the course of the modern music world.

Mariline’s “Make You Believe” is dance-pop banger, prime for radio time, featuring assertive piano melodies and a breathy vocal track that make it a textbook earworm. Fiko switches things up with some top-shelf bass house in “Get Bass”, serving a healthy dose of melody behind the kind of bassy filth that would make any crowd go wild, just as the name alludes. NeoMood then closes things out with an emotional journey through a colorful soundscape that seems to capture the album’s essence as a whole.

This compilation is a glimmering example of the label’s promise of “finding great talent and making their music heard by the world”.




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