Space Yacht & Lil Texas Look For Thumbs Down Girl To Make Limited Edition Shirt

Notorious global party starters Space Yacht are known for curating sounds of all kinds and this week they brought in legendary hardcore producer Lil Texas, instead of his usual sounds though he dropped, for the most part, a techno set. For the last 5 minutes of his set however he wanted to show off a bit of his true sound – a relentless sub-genre of Hard Dance known as uptempo which ranges from 200BPM and above.

While Space Yacht is welcoming of genres of all kinds, one event goer clearly wasn’t having it. Jumping up on to the stage the now-infamous attendee got so upset yelling “It’s Too Fast”. Lil Texas shared the video which has now amassed nearly 300,000 views.

In good spirits both Space Yacht and Lil Texas have decided to join forces and immortalise the moment with a to be released limited edition shirt featuring a still from the incident. However, they are now seeking to find the girl in question to get her approval and need your help to find her.




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