Sparkee Drops Soulful, Funky Electronic Single With Georgia In ‘Rock With Me’

Electronic artist Sparkee, who is know for integrating a funk and rock sound within electronic music through the use of guitar and, in particular bass, is back in the saddle once again with the release of “Rock With Me.” Sonically, the track is a down-right charming jam. Capturing a balance of retro elements alongside a modern flair. The retro comes in on the instrumental side, with many effects reminiscent of the golden age of funk and soul. Paired with that is the squeaky clean, well-engineered vocals of Georgia. The verses infuse one with a feeling of positivity and euphoria. The two elements work extremely well in conjunction with each other, the experience playing out smooth as butter and showcasing stark quality and longevity.

The standard of sound here is nothing new for Sparkee, who has had quite the go-around when it comes to success. He currently has over 8 million streams on Spotify and 3 million on YouTube. One particularly unique moment was when Sparkee added edit’s to Deadmau5’s “Strobe,” which Deadmau5 declared to be ‘technically impossible.’ YouTuber Davie504 proved is could be done and, 20 million views later, Sparkee can look back and say his efforts with this song cause a chain reaction that never could of been predicted.

This is a start in terms of examples around different points of momentum that Sparkee has stirred up, he’s a one-of-a-kind artist who works hard to be different and successful, which serves him well.

Here is what vocalist Georgia had to share in relation to the release:

“As soon as Sparkee hit me up to write to this track I instantly connected with its juicy, nostalgic funk vibes and endeavored to match that energy with the vocal and lyric. Think platform wearing, penthouse party crashing, late summer night dance parties…that is where my heard was at while I wrote this topline in sweats from my
bedroom, mid pandemic.”
– Georgia




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