Spartaque Launches New Label Modular States – An Exciting Dimension To The Techno World

Spartaque, a prominent figure in the techno scene, possesses extensive expertise and knowledge that enables him to bridge the gap between the North American and European music scenes. This endeavor begins with the establishment of his latest record label, Modular States.

For an extended period, Spartaque has been honing his distinctive sound, consistently moving in a specific direction and establishing a remarkable reputation for himself. His desire to push the boundaries of not just techno but also electronic music worldwide has proven successful in Kharkiv, Ukraine (his hometown), and various other locations. His career took off when he performed in Kharkiv’s square, captivating an audience of 30,000 people and propelling him forward with tremendous momentum that fuels his every endeavor. Alongside his popular releases and packed club performances, Spartaque has also taken on the role of label head at Codex, a division of IAMT Music Group. Codex has already showcased numerous dynamic releases by emerging and established artists like Jody 6, Barbuto, and Filterheadz, earning support from industry giants like Solomun, Joseph Capriati, Markus Schulz, and many others. This list continues to expand with each new release. Now, Spartaque is expanding his reach and adding another label to his repertoire, Modular States, with a specific focus on the North American market.

The primary objective is to foster a connection between these two markets, enabling artists from different corners of the world to collaborate and team up. This collaboration extends beyond releasing music on the Modular States label and encompasses performances at festivals and label events, providing valuable international exposure for both North American and European artists. Through this diverse approach, Spartaque aims to introduce European techno enthusiasts to the unique qualities offered by the North American scene and vice versa. As one of the pioneers in this endeavor, Spartaque is ushering in a new era for the techno scenes across the Atlantic, marking the beginning of exciting transformations for both himself and the overall music scene.

Stay tuned for Spartaque’s innovative projects under the banner of Modular States, and be sure to follow him on Instagram for the latest updates and activities.




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