Spider-Man: Far From Home End Credits Explained [Spoilers]

With the latest Spider-man; ‘Far From Home’ finally entering theaters around the world, many people will be sitting down to watch the 2 hour movie. There are two scenes after the credits and they are very significant!

Please watch the movie, and the end credits scene before reading ahead

In the mid credits scene, the movie comes back to New York and begins with Peter meeting MJ and swinging through the streets and then drops her off. Peter then jumps on top of a lam post outside of Madison Square Garden in front of one of the large screens.

A new broadcast begins, with a breaking story – Mysterio left a video message before he died. It reads;

“Spider-man is attacking for some reason”
“He has already weaponized some Stark technology”
“He’s saying he’s going to be the new iron man. No one else”

Then it cuts to a part of the film we saw, however heavily edited to make out that Spider-man is the bad guy.

EDITH (Tony/Peter’s AI) says “Are you sure you want to commence the drone attack? There will be significant casualties”
Peter: I don’t care, execute! Execute them all!”

The new reporter than directs viewers to the source of the clip, and who other than the Daily Bugle! Then, J. Jonah Jameson pops up on screen, played by no other than J.K. Simmons, who reprises is role from the Raimi spider-man trilogy.

Jameson as the “anchor” of the “controversial” dailybugle.net is also perfect for 2019. Some similarities could be seen with Alex Jones’ ‘Info Wars’.

The broadcast then switches back to Quinton Beck and he reveals Spider-man as Peter Parker. The name drop, along with pointing Spider-man as the enemy will create quite the story in Spider-man 3.

With J.K. Simmons reprising his role, what does this mean? Are the universes connected? Is it the same character? Does Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man exist in this universe? It’s created a lot of questions, however the logical answer is that after his iconic role in the original trilogy, they brought him back for the same, but unconnected role.

It’s unsure if he will appear in any upcoming MCU movies, but an actor and character of this stature should definitely be used more. Let’s hope we see him again, at least in a future Spider-man movie.

After the entire credits are complete, we are treated with another scene, and what a scene…

Maria Hill and Nick Fury are driving in their car (similar to the Avengers: Infinity War scene) and suddenly Hill turns into a skrull, then Fury follows suit. Yes, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are skrulls. Mind blown.

The skrulls are revealed to be Talos and his wife, seen in Captain Marvel. The scene has Talos calling what looks like the real Fury.

His wife says “You gotta tell him.”
Talos: “It was fine. The little boy handled it.”
“How was I supposed to know the whole thing was fake?”
“It was all very convincing, the performance. The illusions.”
“That costume the craftsmanship in that.”

Talos calls someone on the phone
“Hey I hope your mission is going well”
“We gave the glasses to Parker about a week ago like you said.”
“It was all very touching.”
“Shortly after that, everything kinda went off the rails and we need you to come back because everyone keeps asking where the Avengers are and I don’t know what to say”

It then cuts to the real Fury on the other side of the call and he hangs it up.
In what seems to be him sitting on a beach on potential retirement, ends up being on a spaceship with plenty of skrulls around him. With what looks to be real Fury in charge. Nick Fury (and maybe Maria Hill) has directed Talos and his wife to fill in for them on Earth.

After this big reveal, it also begs a lot of questions. When did they switch places? How long have they been secretly skrulls? Who else is a skrull? What is Fury doing with the skrulls in space?

It’s likely that Fury and Talos swapped in the events between Avengers: Endgame and Spider-man: Far From Home.

With some many questions and not many answers, it’s not going to be revealed anytime soon. With the movies such as Black Widow, The Eternals, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange 2 and Black Panther 2 on the horizon – it’s unlikely this reveal will be explored in them. We may know more when Marvel hold their presentation at SDCC in the coming weeks.





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