Spiderhound’s ‘I See Red,’ Captures A Trippy, Smooth Vibe Within

“I See Red,” blasts out an infectious groove, revealing an exquisite style fans of experimental bass to commercial bass, and beyond, won’t be able to put down. Spiderhound has been on a flow of back-to-back singles since summer, the results have been telling. An increase in hype, more so than usual, has begun to to encircle the soloist since this new season of songs have been debuted, Spiderhound gained an additional 100,000 streams just between July and today, including the support of Dancing Astronaut, YourEDM and many others. While this is all happening, Spiderhound, aka Sean Naughton, continues to hold down various dope prominent positions within the music industry, one well-worth sharing aspect, among others, being his role as A&R of Producer Dojo, the record label belonging to beloved bass artist ill.Gates.

One will recognize a familiar disposition in “I See Red,” when comparing his tunes from July on forward. The sonic cues detectable making the handful of singles feel like they are apart of a bigger picture. With that said, “I See Red,” puts out a production that speaks volumes – trippy, sensual, and exotic.

If you haven’t seen Spiderhound here before, click here to learn more about him. “I See Red,” is a fitting intro to wide world of gems brought by this solo artist, if you’ve yet to hear about him.




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