Experimental Bass Artists Spiderhound & MAD-LAB Collab On Momentous Single ‘Mama Cosita’

Sean Naughton, known as Spiderhound, is a mixed bag of musical talent. This multi-genre electronic producer is also a skilled musician, songwriter, DJ, and sound engineer when it comes to recording and mixing. After studying under Grammy award-winning production master Charles Dye and spending two decades in numerous original rock bands, Spiderhound continues his build upon his expertise. 

Acting as head of A&R (artists and repertoire – recruiting up-and-coming artists) for ill.Gates’ record label Producer Dojo), Spiderhound pulls inspiration from every role in his career. His diverse background has resulted in a variety of Beatport #1 new releases, such as #1 in glitch hop via his Dopamine EP, #1 in downtempo with “Hold You”, and #1 in bass/club with his remix of “Chameleon”.

Fellow member of the Producer Dojo is Parker White, aka MAD-LAB. Their dirty basslines and hypnotic melodies have the power to distort reality. Having met Spiderhound through the Producer Dojo community and years of passing knowledge back and forth, it was only a matter of time before the two phenoms dropped a bass slapper together. “Mama Cosita” is exactly that.

Starting with an eerie echoing and static effect, “Mama Cosita” quickly transforms into an invasion of experimental bass. Its trap-like vocals create a dark but energetic vibe, complemented by the heavy progressions of grimey bass. Joined by its music video that takes you on a visual journey through the unexplainable, “Mama Cosita” is the full package that pushes the limits of sound and sight.




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