Sports Podcasts That Cater to Music Fans

There has always been a link between the sports and music worlds, with many sports stars having dreams of one day becoming a rock or rap star.

This connection can also be found in many podcasts, with US based shows often referencing the NBA and/or NFL and UK based shows doing the same with Football or even a bit of cricket.

Here are some of the best podcasts that cut that intersection between athletic competition and musical artistry.

Athletico Mince

We challenge you to find a funnier podcast than Athletico Mince. In fact, do not even bothering attempting to take up that challenge because rest assured, you will fail.

Bob Mortimer and his friend Andy Dawson are the two geniuses behind this podcast, although they do have guest appearances from the likes of former England international soccer player Peter Beardsley and former England manager Roy Hodgson.

Do be warned, all the characters that appear on the show bare a striking verbal resemblance to Mortimer, who may or may not be doing impressions of said sporting heroes.

Episode 98 is a cracker for music fans and there are plenty more just like it. In fact, music fans are probably better suited to this podcast than a Premier League fan wondering how to use his free bet, as the episode is pretty scant when it comes to modern day soccer factoids, preferring to home in on mayhem.

Athletico Mince is a Football podcast that does everything in its power not to be about Football

Against the Rules

For many fans of both music and sport it is the story behind a song or a match that people are really interested in, and for that sort of insight Against the Rules is a great place to start, run by the author of the book turned Hollywood movie; Moneyball.

Always zeroing in on how power, money and greed warp athletic competition into something it shouldn’t be, Michael Lewis pays particular attention to those forgotten and often maligned sports heroes, like referees, umpires and coaches.

All in all this makes for a truly insightful listen and will have all music fans drawing parallels between the shady goings-on that happen behind the scenes in both the music and sports industries.

Michael Lewis has a way of cutting to the core of what sport is really all about

View from the Cheap Seats

While the previously mentioned sports podcasts only have rather tenuous links to music, View from the Cheap Seats actively markets itself as a blend of the two domains.

Run by the identical twin Sklar brothers, the podcast is a spin-off of their ESPN show called Cheap Seats.

Expect plenty of quick-witted tomfoolery as well as some really high-profile guests both of music and sports fame.

Only A Game

Most music aficionados will know NPR for its amazing Tiny Desk music performances, which it broadcasts on its YouTube channel. However, there is a lot more to NPR that music alone, with the media outlet also happening to boast one of the coolest sports pods in the game.

Only A Game likes to go deep on the history of certain sports, leagues and players, to find the stories that everyone else has long since forgotten about.

Mix in some current affairs and social issues and quickly you realize that this really is a shining gem of a podcast that will be enjoyed no matter who you are.

Outside Podcast

If, like us, you enjoy escaping the city into the great outdoors, and accompany nature with some pumping tunes, then maybe you can find a little room in your listening schedule for the Outside Podcast.

This pod does what it says on the tin, putting the focus on sports like rock climbing, kayaking and trail running, giving you all the inspiration you need to plan your next escape out into the natural world and its rugged countryside.




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