Spotify Adds New Look Tabs For Music & Podcasts In Re-Design

In the race for Podcast domination, it’s exciting to see both Apple and Spotify now making moves to actively develop the Podcast listening experience with more thought. Apple recently announced it will have a Desktop app just for podcasts along with the demise of iTunes and this week Spotify began rolling out a refreshed menu navigation giving Music and Podcasts their own sections.

Spotify’s placement of the podcast has been a key frustration for many users and it’s often been a difficult task to discover new podcasts in the platform. The company’s made subtle yet powerful design change gives podcasts its own section again showing their commitment to the growing popularity of Podcasts.

With a split menu, it means you don’t have to get distracted with your unorganized playlists anymore and can find your favorite episode in fewer clicks. It may seem small, but if you’re on the go in the car you need to get where you want in the app so you can stay focused on the road.




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