Spotify Begins To Roll Out New ‘Follow Feed’ Feature

Today Spotify has started rolling out a brand new feature which will no doubt be a game-changer for artists and listeners. Till now the follow artist button has not had a huge or noticeable effect aside from helping curate customized playlists and populate your release radar, boosting your algorithm and helping you find out about upcoming shows. Now it seems they are rolling out a new feature called the “Follow Feed”.

In recent times, it’s become the industry norm for artists to release music on Fridays because Spotify’s flagship playlists New Music Friday turns over then. However increasingly artists have chosen to drop their releases mid-week or on Mondays to beat the influx of other artists competing for new music. However, unless listeners were aware of the release or happened to stumble on their profile they often would miss the new release until they saw it in a curated playlist or via other channels.

Now with the “Follow Feed” listeners will be able to catch those new releases as soon as they arrive. Meanwhile, for artists this means a greater chance of their followers catching their new release regardless of what day they look, and for some smaller artists might not make it into Spotify’s curation and reach fans who had already indicated they liked their music regardless of whether they land a spot in the coveted Spotify editorial playlists.

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