Spotify’s New App Experiment “Stations” Takes A Play At Radio & Pandora

Ever feel like you want it to be easier to just play music on Spotify or Apple Music in certain situations?. Me too. Often opening the app requires two or three clicks to get to a track on a new music playlist and I find myself stuck going to the same playlists every-time wether it’s in the car, on the train or with company. Well thats where Spotify’s new standalone app Stations comes in.

It’s quite a move for them to roll-out a new application but currently it’s only a test within the US, the new offering potentially caters to a huge market – the simple music listener and for those of us who enjoy music thoroughly it’s also an alternative way to listening when it comes to your daily commute in the car or entertaining for others. While some of us like to have a set list of tracks we know and love, many casual music I know often say they wished it was was easier to find something they wanted without much effort or navigating the app.

Stations simplify’s Spotifys powerful music discovery and genre selections to a basic landing page of all the best at one screen, it instantly plays when you open it and switching stations is as easy as a swipe. The new app is also a much friendly interface for those not so tech-savy. Meaning it’ll also attract a new crowd to Spotify who rank in the millions every single day, that is of course Drivers. Stations is really a personalised radio without the hassle of a streaming app and with the ability at your finger tips to remove certain artists you don’t like.

Stations doesn’t require you have the main app installed but of course requires a current Spotify account. As with the main app the free version includes ads and limited number of track skips. The simple function of Stations would no doubt put a dent in Pandora’s share of this market if it is rolled out with a full campaign in the US given Spotify has the brand power to push this app to further heights with it’s cool design and already widely popular main app.

It’s available on ITunes Store | Android Play

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