Spotify Re-Designs App And Releases New Anchor Videos To Help Market Podcasts

Spotify’s been hard at work helping fulfil its mission to make their podcast experience the best on the market. In the process, they are no doubt also promote the medium to millions of new audiences. Since their acquisition of several companies earlier they have been rolling out one feature after another into the platform. Now they’ve made two big moves for both users and podcast hosts in one day.

Having rolled out an analytics dashboard for a podcast hosts last month, and earlier this week launched a daily horoscope show. Now they have re-designed the home page of the app and launched a new visual tool via Anchor to help Podcasts reach more interested people on social media with text.

The brand new design to the home of the app Spotify interface shows off more details about the latest episode of podcasts, as well as recommends new shows, music, playlists. The podcasts noticeably introducing a design which shows a snippet of the text of the show transcript.

It’s unclear whether this is a test that we’re seeing as avid music and podcast listeners, or if the home page is now sorted algorithmically to show podcast only to those who are already listening to them.

Shortly after they released a shiny new tool for its users to help market their audio on social media with 1-minute clips of their podcast with a new visually appealing – Spotify centric designs.

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