St.Sinny Showcases Development On 3rd Release With ‘The Game’

St.Sinny is making moves rippling from the Chicago area on out with his release of “The Game.” The song bursts with dark house accents, showcasing a mesmerizing house rhythm and hip-hop vocal influences all in the same go. The vibe makes one feel they are in the weeds of a grungy, off-the-beaten-path club where no fucks are given. The darting basslines helps the experience peak, sending ferocious energy into the air and shivers down the spines of those who weren’t ready for it.

Chicago’s own St.Sinny has been putting the work in, seeing improvement come out the other side. “The Game,” is his third-ever original release. Everything from the mixdown, writing, mood, and so on earning high marks, making this single one of his best tunes yet.

St.Sinny has built up solid credits to his name. He’s performed at Electric Forest, headlined Electric Hotel, and graced the decks at the coveted TAO Night club. His streaming #’s are hitting solid points for someone just starting out – collectively, the man is starting to turn more heads his direction in the industry – all for the right reasons.




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