Stadiumx Interview: Launch of Sub Religion, Favourite Sound & Time Off Touring

Hungarian duo Stadiumx have just launched their label Sub Religion Records with their brand new masterpiece ‘Be Mine’, together with Sam Martin. Just like many previous releases from the duo, ‘Be Mine’ is a stellar piece of melodic progressive house. Teaming up with Sam Martin – they’ve created the ultimate anthem with which to launch their imprint.

Today they join us for an interview to celebrate Sub Religion Records kicking off. We discuss what they’re doing currently, what we’ll see from the label in the future, their distinctive sounds, when they decided to start a label, how they came to the name and more. Delve into the world of Stadiumx below:

Hey guys! How are you dealing with the time off touring – much different to usual life?

First of all we try to stay positive. We work a lot in the studio of course and make a lot of music. We take care of our loved ones and make sure we do our best to get out of this difficult time soon.

You have just launched Sub Religion Records, could you tell us how you got the name for your label?

The label’s name is basically based on the philosophy that we all speak a common language through music. Music connects us. We believe in the relationship.

When did you realise you wanted to start your own label?

We’ve been in the music industry for a long time and so far we’ve been primarily busy with our own profile and building it. The idea of an own label has been around for many years and there would have been many times to do it but not the way we felt it or we just didn’t have the right team and the right moment to move on and make it happen. By now, we felt it was time to start something new and open a new chapter in our life.

You produce two distinctive sounds, the melodic progressive house and the future house sound – do you have a favourite? What determines what sound you go for?

I don’t think the creative phase could work based on a model. Emotions have always dominated our songs. We love melodies, songs that have emotion but are also energetic. But we don’t want to repeat ourselves over and over again because it’s important to be able to renew as a producer. Otherwise it’s not fun to make music anymore. To do this, it’s essential that we try new things. The sound that will be closest to us and the label is the Future Progressive style. We dig this new sound!

Speaking of the melodic progressive style, you’ve launched the label with your second Sam Martin collaboration; ‘Be Mine’. I take it you were impressed with his vocals on ‘Love You Forever’?

We first heard Sam’s name when we did a remix for Sultan + Shepard years ago. When we got the stems we already found his voice amazing. Back then, unfortunately we couldn’t work together but later we could do a remix for David Guetta’s song “Lovers On The Sun” which Sam also sang and we loved working on the song. Then we decided to do a song together. This became “Love You Forever” with Nicky Romero. So officially this is the second song we did together and it’s a fantastic feeling to work with him again.

Tracks such as ‘Howl At The Moon’ and ‘Ghost’ were incredible, could we see any new progressive house gems in the near future?

We try to constantly improve our sound and not repeat ourselves. Of course progressive house is the sound that can always be found in our DJ sets. “Where Are You Now” was released on Protocol last December which I’m sure fans who loved “Howl At The Moon” or “Ghost” will like.

You have diversified with labels in the past 12 months, is there one that has stood out?

It would be difficult to specifically highlight only one of the songs. We basically write the music that we can play in the DJ sets as well so that the fans can get a bigger picture of who we are and what kind of music we are making. However “Love You Forever” is definitely a big song for us from last year.

Being a Hungarian duo, what is the dance music scene like back home in Budapest?

We love living here and we love working here. The scene is much smaller of course but we know the other artists and we talk to them, exchange experiences. We really like to play here as well, especially in the spring and summer period.

What can we expect from the label after launch?

We want to release the best possible music on our own label. In the first round there are 3-4 of our own singles that will be released in the coming months but there are other artists we would like to work with and involve them in the label.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when all this craziness is over?

Party of course! 🙂

Listen to Stadiumx and Sam Martin – Be Mine, the debut release on Sub Religion Records!


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