Steve Angello Responds To Fan Regarding New SHM Music

After posting the signature three dot Swedish House Mafia logo made by what looks like ice, Steve Angello took matters into his own hands to reply to a hater’s comment.

With all the merchandising and shows that Swedish House Mafia have been doing, many fans are highly antipicating new music from the Swedes – some going as far as commenting it all over their social media. Steve Angello replied, breaking their silence on music. His lengthy response leans on the fact that the trio want to make their music perfect and craft it in a quality manner that isn’t time restricted. He argues that they are not money grabbers otherwise that would have releases plenty of poor music by now.

This update from Steve Angello has provided some insight into Swedish House Mafia’s current music strategy – they’re going to quality over quantity. When you’re an act such as Swedish House Mafia, there is a level of expectation and they’ll need to live up to that. Nevertheless, after teasing a collaboration with A$AP Rocky – we cannot wait to hear what the Swedish trio have in store.

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