Steve Aoki & Arknights Release Amazing Music Video For ‘Last Of Me’

Just a couple of weeks after the track’s release, Steve Aoki and Arknights have released the official video for ‘Last Of Me’.

The steady partnership between Arknights and Steve Aoki’s record label Dim Mak began in early 2020. Bear Grillz’s soundtrack ‘Save Us From Ourselves’ signaled the first step of Arknights’ music project, followed by QUIX’s soundtrack ‘Survive’, and now Aoki’s ‘Last of Me’ featuring RUNN.

Each soundtrack transcends boundaries between game and music genres and symbolizes both Arknights’ and Dim Mak’s artistic vision. Gradually blending various, unique elements into the music world, Arknights has made its music project one of the most iconic features of this game.

Inspired by Arknights’ dystopian worldview and plot, Steve Aoki created ‘Last of Me’ with RUNN as the official theme song for Chapter 6 – Partial Necrosis.

Differing from the past three 2D music videos, this time Arknights expands its footprint with a special cel shaded animation to reappear at the climax in Chapter 6. Players will be able to witness FrostNova’s final battle one more time, with Steve’s epic soundtrack serving as a fitting background.

Arknights dropped another bomb on its community during the YouTube stream—merchandise collaborations with DJ Duo Yellow Claw and Steve Aoki’s record label Dim Mak – set to be released in the future!





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