Steve Aoki Releases ‘Neon Future IV’ Featuring Bryan Johnson, Tory Lanez, Alan Walker, Showtek, Sting, Travis Barker, Backstreet Boys + More

Steve Aoki has released his 6th album, ‘Neon Future IV’ – encompassing 27 tracks, this LP was no small feat.

The album features both pop and dance anthems, with collaborations spanning the likes of Icona Pop and Timmy Trumpet.

Steve Aoki is a big fan of science and the future in general. This is implied with the ‘Neon Future’ brand and he tries to express that through this series of albums. He’s had a number of non musical figures appear through the albums such as Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson – this time it seems Steve Aoki has opted for Bryan Johnson to recite a speech about the Neon Future.

Every single one of the 27 tracks has an artist featured, whether that be a co-producer or a vocalist. The album is abundant with talent, both in the pop and dance world. With acts such as Tory Lanez, Alan Walker, Showtek, Sting, Travis Barker, Backstreet Boys; this is a start studded group of work.

The previous Neon Future LPs have no doubt been a success for Aoki, and number four shouldn’t be any different. The album has the potential to reach audiences across multiple genres.

To celebrate the release of the album, Steve Aoki took to a YouTube livestream to recite the lyrics of each track – ASMR style. Best to check it out yourself!




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