Steve Aoki Sits Down With Joe Rogan To Discuss New Book, Time Travel, Caking & More

UFC icon, standup legend, serial entreprenuer and renouned podcaster Joe Rogan sits down with electronic music pioneer Steve Aoki for the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. An very interesting, almost three-hour long conversation covering music, health technology, and their mutual interest in science fiction.

Having Joe Rogan and Steve Aoki in a room together is a unique meshing of minds, while Steve Aoki found also found himself in the UFC ring previously thanks to his Laidback Luke collaboration, these two go head to head on futurism, health technology, and theories on time travel.

Throughout the episoide we learn more about Steve Aoki’s passion for science of the mind, his brain foundation, cryogenical freezing and explores more behind his Neon Future album concept and the collaborations with scientific and tech individuals.

As we learned in our interview with him back in December Steve also reminds us he “would love to be in the studio” with Elon Musk, and Rogan who famously had him on the show has offerred to try and hook it up.

And of course with any Joe Rogan episide the topic of drugs comes up – with Steve Aoki letting Joe know about his first and only acid trip when he was 13. Steve discusses his body surgeries, stem cell injections and recently, his vocal chords surgery and as a what it was like not talking for 30 whole days.

Steve Aoki educates Joe on how music is made and discusses the reasons for his move to Las Vegas including his crazy renovations. Aoki purchased the house for $2.8 million and redevelopment of the entire house. This included the building of the foam pit, gym, music studio and even moving the pool closer to the house so he could jump in from the roof.

Aoki appeared on the show to discuss his brand new book Blue: The Color of Noise which is an account of the struggles and hardships he faced on his way to where he is now.


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