Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet Revamp A Classic With ‘Tarantino’

Steve Aoki has kicked off his 6OKI EP campaign with the first record ‘Tarantino’, a collaboration with friend Timmy Trumpet.

As you may recognize, the track is a fresh new take on the Pulp Fiction main theme, that originally goes back to a Mediterranean folk song so old that its original author is unknown.

Aoki and Timmy modernize this new record with the help of STARX. Aoki’s mesmerizing electro beats combined with Trumpet’s eccentric horn licks and STARX’s hard psy stylings set off a vigorous revamp where Aoki’s ‘Rave Royale’ concept comes into full view. 

This is the first of six tracks included in Steve Aoki’s 6OKI – Rave Royale EP coming out through his own Dim Mak imprint this fall.

Steve Aoki says“It started with 3OKI, 4OKI, 5OKI, & now 6OKI. The series is about my club & festival roots – songs that go off live & serve ravers in the front row! Covid-19 halted live shows, but I’m still making tunes with that live energy.”

Timmy Trumpet adds“Working and touring with Steve is always WILD but making this track was something else! We wanted to capture the craziness of life on the road in one track so people can party wherever they are in the world right now.





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