Rising Label INTRASET Releases Compilation Featuring Letsko, Teset and Maxina Titled ‘Study: Buttercream Bookworm’

Lofi vibes have certainly found a more mainstream place in our culture in the late 2010’s and continues on into modern time. Label INTRASET is doing some solid A&R work and bring forth a host of artists who need more recognition. Letsko, Teset and Maxina have signed music of their own to the relatively new label, it now packaged together as a compilation known as Study: Buttercream Bookworm.

There’s is a common thread that connects all the releases together that goes beyond them rubbing to close together when it comes to genre. Letsko’s “Minority,” brings about a more r&b angle to the table, “Coda,” by Maxina going heavier on the atmospherics, and TESET’s, “Katabatic,” delivering a more cinematic angle into the mix.

Speaking of TESET, he’s coming off the heels of his successful album which collectively receives millions of plays and even official Spotify playlisting support. The album Egress was also signed by INTRASET, a entity clearly making many right moves at the right time.

Expect more from all three and artist and the label as things move deeper into 2022.





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