Sub Focus Releases 10-Track ‘Reworks I’ Remix Album Featuring A Host Of Incredible Talents

Electronic artist Sub Focus has dropped a 10-track album bursting at the seams with talent. 4 of the 10 tracks were released before the full album drop on July 30th, 2021, flips made by Wilkinson, Dimension, Culture Show, and Metrik. Now 6 other songs have hit the world via major DSPs, putting out a large swath of sounds, all winners and all hitting on different energies and vibrations.

Wilkinson’s flip of “Rock It,” hits the spot in a nostalgic way for sure, flipping one of Sub Focus’s classic singles into something that keeps the best parts of the roots intact, yet puts a spin on it that simply feels like him.

Having been active under the Sub Focus alias for 17 years, Nick Douwma has gone from a small time artist in the underground with a focus on drum and bass to an artist who has toured the world and embraces any genre that he feels fits at the time. The scene simply wouldn’t be the same without his contributions. 

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