Sullivan King Unveils Rocktronic Anthem ‘The Beginning’ on Monstercat Uncaged

Sullivan King, the rocktronic legend, is all set to start a new chapter in his career with his latest anthem, “The Beginning,” dropping on Monstercat Uncaged. After diving deep into various genres, King is back with a track that’s bound to blow your mind.

“The Beginning” starts off smooth, with soft melodies blending perfectly with King’s catchy lyrics. Just when you’re hooked, King’s signature scream-singing crashes in, accompanied by intense drumming and electric guitar riffs. And then, bam! A killer drum solo transitions into an insane drum & bass drop that’s pure chaos, in the best way possible.

This track is a wild mix of rock, heavy metal, drum & bass, with a splash of dubstep and riddim. King has crafted a unique sub-genre that’s simply awesome. When he performs it live, the crowd is left in a euphoric daze.

Fresh off his North American tour with Avenged Sevenfold, King has shown he’s a powerhouse in dubstep, riddim, and rock. Now, he’s taking over drum & bass too. “The Beginning” is exactly that – the start of a epic sonic revolution led by Sullivan King.




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