PREMIERE: Sulvida & Kait Weston dazzle on "Know My Name"

CULTR is here to premiere a spicy new morsel from newcomer, Sulvida and YouTube Cover Star, Kait Weston. The two are paired on "Know My Name" and it's a dazzling pop laced dance debutant from For The Future Records.

For “Know My Name”, Sulvida provides an uplifting instrumental that is whimsical yet seductive. The overall sound design is refined and masterful, layered with delightful piano chords, screeching guitars, and a sultry beat. There is a nice warmth to the production as if Sulvida was using solar power to provide the energy.

As for Kait Weston, hypnotizing is an understatement. She is as alluring as a Siren, seducing listeners to sing along to the chorus. There is a delicateness to her vocals that is masked by power. The overall balance of these two elements makes for quite a refreshing vocal that carries listeners through the dreamy soundscape.

Here are Sulvida’s words on the creation of “Know My Name”:

“It was one of those rare sessions where everything just clicked. Thrown into a room and tasked with creating music together, a few strangers, along with the help of a bottle of tequila and boxed wine, created “Know My Name” over the course of a single evening. I continued to hone in the production and worked with Kait to perfect the vocals, culminating in a meaningful, heartfelt song we are immensely proud of while becoming friends in the process.” - Sulvida