SVDKO Shares Blissful Debut EP With “it’s SADKO”

A handful of years after his debut single, Belgium-based talent SVDKO is finally bringing his artistic vision to life with the release of his debut, 4-track EP it’s SADKO. Channeling his classical background, as well as various musical influences, the musician’s debut effort is one that doesn’t go unnoticed. Including appearances from NY-based singer/songwriter ÊMIA and charismatic artist Akacia, it goes through a variety of pop and R&B sounds, all laced with distorted guitars and glossy electronic production. 
A stunning alt-pop opener, “Terrify” kicks off the tracklist perfectly, before previously-released gems “Too Different” and “Blossom” are reinforced. An enchanting vocal performance on “Out Of Body” rounds up the story in a classy way, leaving us excited to hear what SVDKO has to offer next. 

When I started writing ‘It’s SADKO” I was unsure about the direction I wanted to take. Being a guitar player since my young age, I never thought about using it in my songs until earlier this year. It really boosted my creativity and gave me the confidence to create an EP that combines the electronic and guitar worlds. This project is a personal journey created not only by me but also by people that I have been working with for a while now and that I really care about.” – SVDKO





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