SWARM Debuts Psytrance, Metal Hybrid, “Unbreakable”

Cloaked in an aesthetic of darkness, hybrid rock artist SWARM has brazenly broken into the EDM scene with his own unique sound and style. SWARM is carving out his own corner of EDM by delivering tracks like last week’s release, “Unbreakable,” which fuses psytrance and hardstyle with metal rock.

SWARM’s genesis in the industrial bass scene originates with his 2018 EP, CORRUPT. Accentuated by contemporaries like Sullivan King, his hyper-dark, aggressive style has brought metal and hard rock fans into the EDM sphere. On this latest track, he recruits the guitar talents of melodic EDM/metal act, Julian Dae.

“Unbreakable” opens immediately with an imposing atmosphere. This swelling siren is cut through by screeching vocals (“Run for your life”), followed up by talented guitar finger-picking from Dae. 35 seconds in, listeners are charged into a thunderous hardstyle beat. While the guitar, vocals and beat all lend to this metal influence, throughout the track fuzzy basslines peruse through the violent soundscape. This justifies his previous gigs opening for acts like REZZ and proves his loud crossover act can continue to drawn interest from the bass community.

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