Swedish House Mafia and Its Members Wipe Instagrams

The Swedish House Mafia Instagram account, along with Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso’s – has been wiped of posts. Coming of the back of their reunion tour, Swedish House Mafia are just about due for an announcement and this may signify one is incoming.

Starting with Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, their Instagram accounts were wiped. This may not mean all the posts were deleted, more likely that they were simply archived (will allow for restoring in future). After these two members did it, the Swedish House Mafia account followed suite.

This marketing tactic is nothing new for SHM, they did a similar thing after their Ultra Miami show and Steve Angello did it for his ‘Human’ album. What is interesting is the third member Axwell did not touch his Instagram – things may be slightly different considering he has a more active solo career at the moment as he just released a new remix.

This does mean something, it is just a question of what. Hopefully next post is a teaser to their upcoming single.




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