Swedish House Mafia Cancel Another Festival Appearance

After cancelling their Ultra Korea performance last month – Swedish House Mafia have now announced that they will not be at Weekend Festival in Finland due to “production issues”, which whilst vague, is better than their Ultra Korea explanation. They were scheduled to play the festival tomorrow (Saturday 20th July).

Swedish House Mafia posted the news on Facebook and geo-targeted the post to presumably just Finland. This led to Weekend Festival posting the screenshot onto their Instagram, confirming the news.

“Unfortunately, the recent announcement by Swedish House Mafia holds true. We are currently looking for a replacement. This is very vexing, but we can still turn this into a party nonetheless. We will inform you about the replacement act ASAP.

This is Swedish House Mafia’s second festival cancellation in recent times, fans will certainly be disappointed but if they cannot perform at the level they want to – it’s not necessarily a negative thing. Swedish House Mafia are scheduled for Ushuaïa in Ibiza on July 26th and it is heavily rumored that they are to close down Tomorrowland next weekend.




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