Swedish House Mafia To Play In Saudi Arabia on Saturday

Swedish House Mafia have been quiet lately. After wrapping their somewhat controversial reunion tour, they have headed in to the studio. With no signs pointing to shows, news out of Saudi Arabia contradicts that.

Out of nowhere, the trio was announced to perform at Diriya Season in Saudi Arabia. Diriya Season is a set of international sports and entertainment events at a UNESCO heritage site in the birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom.

Swedish House Mafia are set to perform on the 14th of December. The gig has been announced by the festival itself as well as the Live Nation Twitter account. 

With Diriya Season also booking Calvin Harris and Major Lazer, there is no question behind Swedish House Mafia’s reasoning. They have booked 3 of the most expensive electronic acts going, this will be a sweet payday for the Swedes and we don’t blame them for going off plan!




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