Swedish House Mafia’s Next Collaboration Is With IKEA

The Swedish House Mafia have teamed up with Swedish House Supplier IKEA for a collection set to launch in September of 2022.

The collection will consist of home furnishing solutions designed to make it easier to get into a creative flow for producing, playing and listening to music at home.

Swedish House Mafia previewed the news with a social media teaser, with “tomorrow” written in Swedish rather than the usual English. Today, September 16th marks the first ever IKEA Festival. The 24 hour festival features a range of artists, designers, DJ’s, chefs and more that have turned their houses into virtual stages. The IKEA Festival was the perfect way to announce the collaboration between the Swedish greats.

Both IKEA and Swedish House Mafia have been incredible exports for Sweden. The pair teaming up is sure to be something special. Back in February of 2020, Swedish House Mafia and their art director Alexander Wessely were spotted heading into the IKEA prototype factory in South Sweden, the question of why has now been answered. Given the Swedes’ recent distinctive, dark aesthetic as well as Wessely’s artistic prowess, it will be interesting to see the designs of the products.

“We both wanted to reach out of our comfort zones and create something new and fresh together: a pure collaboration between music creators and a home expert. We strongly felt a need to collaborate with someone who shared our vision of making it possible for everyone to create music at home. As artists and producers, we also understand the importance of a home studio set-up and the needs and challenges many up-and-coming artists and creatives have at home,” says Swedish House Mafia.

“We are very excited and happy to announce the collaboration with Swedish House Mafia. With their solid expertise in music production, we hope to be able together to democratize creativity and music production so that even more people can be more creative at home,” says James Futcher, Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden.





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