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Join Barong Family's SIHK On His Epic Side Quest EP Featuring RayRay

Indonesia’s SIHK has been making steady moves the past couple of years, from debuting with his productions for 88 Rising artists Rich Brian and NIKI he’s since carved out his own path dominating the Electronic scene and putting his own unique stamp on it. Having signed with the mighty Barong Family in 2018 he unleashed an introductory EP, followed by features with Aazar, Menasa and Mike Cervello.

He now makes a triumphant return with his Epic Side Quest EP including a nail biting industrial weapon with RayRay title “Money” — in all its a boisterous, four-part auditory experience that blisters and sears listeners with fiery bass and steely, shivering synths.


Typical of SIHK’s tongue-in-cheek approach to all he does, he kicked off the EP campaign with a 4-part video skit that chronicles SIHK traversing the world on his own wacky, epic side quest. The vivacious madness that inspires these antics is the same that has propelled SIHK’s rising star.

Named for SIHK’s love of Skyrim and an “inside joke with members of Barong Family”, Epic Side Quest thrusts listeners into the middle of the action from the outset. The opener, “Yoyo,” strikes immediately with a furious ambush of bass and riotous synths. A raw, industrial energy follows in the genre-smearing “Money,” a collab with label-mate RayRay that reminds listeners that this quest is and always will be about one thing—dat money. Like an interstellar mercenary, SIHK Shanghais us off-world with “Space Flamingo,” an ethereal exploration of bass that’s more than suitable for space-travel. We come roaring back to earth with a middle-eastern flair in the closer, “Bounce to This”—an aptly named track that will undoubtedly bounce all booties without prejudice.

SIHK continues to astonish with furious live sets that have seen him perform across Asia with Festival appearances at Siam Songkran and It’s The Ship, with a few more festival appearances soon to be announced. Check out the EP to catch a glimpse of this talented scamp’s unstoppable rise to stardom.