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Playlist Feature: Stay Chilled With Soulection's Timeless Season

If you havn’t already seen our feature on Soulection and given it a listen, don’t take our word for it look at what Forbes had to say about them. Hosted by Joe Kay, Soulection Radio delivers a mesmerising blend of soulful R&B, hip hop and house, littered with gems of re-imagined, sampled hits from the previous decades. Soulection Radio is one of a handful of Apple’s Beats 1 shows where he shares programming with Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Elton John, Billie Eilish, Drake, Frank Ocean, DJ Kahled, and former BBC Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe among others.

You can hear interviews with guest such as Tom Misch, Toro Y Moi, Jarreau Vandal, So SuperSam, Mac Miller, No I.D, G-Eazy, GoldLink & More. The show is, to many peoples delight also available in full on his Soundcloud the following week for free, forever. However to take full advantage of their expert crate digging skills you need to get Apple Music.

While many of the exclusive edits are sadly never officially released, if you’re on Apple Music you can find a majority of the new tunes and many more all neatly sorted in a handful of great playlists so you can hit repeat to your hearts desire. Today we introduce you to to ‘Timeless Season’ curated by MontyLov which is our favourite and includes the likes of fresh finds from Healy, Kelsey Lu, THEY. and from hitmakers such as Travis Scott, Kllo, Sango and classics such as ‘Rack City’ from Tyga and SZA’s ‘Down 4 Whatever’

Soulection - Must Listen Chill Show

Joe Kay is a global culture collector known for his eclectic mixes and live sets. The soulection radio movement has grown as a label home to many emerging and established beats producers and artists from around the globe. The show is nearing 400 episodes and hosted on Beats 1 weekly.

Joe delivers time and time again a mesmerising blend of soulful R&B, hip hop and house. Episodes are littered with gems of sampled hits from the previous decades re-imagined and mixed together geniously.


Some episodes are live set recordings, and often include special guest mixes and interviews from the likes of Jay Prince, Mac Miller, Toro Y Moi, Jarreau Vandal, So Super Sam, Gilles Peterson and many more. Joe's voice alone however gets you in the mood for the good vibes and positive times no matter where you are at or what you are seeking. 


Where: Beats 1 and Soundcloud
How Many Episodes: 357 Mixes, Weekly
Great For Those Who Like: Chill Beats, R&B, The Weeknd