Tailor Tells His Story with “Reminisce” EP

After a string of successful singles and remixes, Birmingham native Tailor presents his carefully crafted collection of electro-pop tunes in the form of debut EP – ‘Reminisce’. Tailors style evokes a feeling of nostalgia alongside a hazy memory of late nights which hints as much at the subtle darkness of 80s icons (Tears for Fears, Phil Collins and Paul Young) as it does today’s after-dark storytellers (DVSN, Majid Jordan, Jamie XX).

Oozing with catchy hooks, earworm toplines and expert synth work, these tracks explore the complexity, fragility and incredible beauty of human relationships with resonating lyricism that conjures a level of connection with his fans, like no other. All of which is delicately detailed and stunningly encapsulated in the visual that accompanies the single ‘Reminisce’.

“The Reminisce EP is snapshots of a relationship at different points in time, from the beginning where you dare to let your guard down and go deeper.. through realising it may not be forever as cracks start to appear… to looking back when it’s over and only remembering the rush.. to starting again but wondering if you’ll ever see them again and not knowing what that might do to you.

Reminisce is about looking back at a situation or relationship and only remembering the good bits. You know that place isn’t necessarily where you wanna be anymore but you can’t help yourself slipping. The hedonism can’t last forever, but it stays in you.. the one you know wasn’t right but at the same time you couldn’t get enough of

See you is the point after a relationship when you’re ready to go back out into the world, to lose yourself to the nights once again.. but this time there is the fear and the hope that you might see them again. You want to move on but you know that one look might draw you back in.”
– Tailor





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