TATE SEDAR and Liv Kennedy Team Up to Shake Up Breakup Songs with ‘Our Goodbye’ | CULTR

TATE SEDAR and Liv Kennedy Team Up to Shake Up Breakup Songs with ‘Our Goodbye’

TATE SEDAR and Liv Kennedy’s journey is a captivating one. They met at Syracuse University, sharing the same social circles, but it wasn’t until their senior year that TATE discovered Liv’s incredible voice. After college, TATE moved to Los Angeles and Liv returned from Nashville, where she had been honing her songwriting skills. This reunion led to the creation of their track “Our Goodbye,” a project that fuses their distinct styles and shared experiences.

TATE SEDAR, a dynamic force in electronic music, has been making waves with monthly releases, each showcasing his evolving sound. Notably, he performed at the 2020 EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon, secured a spot on the Insomniac Artists roster, and amassed over 5.7 million plays in 2023. Liv Kennedy, discovered by Def Jam Records and later inspired by a publishing deal from Dwight Yoakham, has written for Universal Music (Canada) Artists and has had her vocals featured in various televised programs. She recently signed with Arrow Music Agency, marking an exciting new chapter in her career.

“Our Goodbye” is a summer-ready anthem that reinvents the breakup song with its infectious energy and upbeat vibe. TATE’s post-EDM sound blends analog and digital elements, while Liv’s emotive vocals deliver relatable dating anecdotes. The track, inspired by electropop acts like Ke$ha and Katy Perry, challenges traditional love song formats and showcases their personal storytelling. It’s a perfect mix of TATE’s energetic drops and Liv’s pensive melodies, making it an exciting addition to any playlist.