Tchami Keeps The ‘Faith’ With New Single

French maestro Tchami is back with yet another single this year, titled; ‘Faith’. In what has undoubtedly been a tumultous year, Tchami’s consistent releases have been a shining light for fans across the globe. ‘Faith’ features Marlena Shaw’s soul-driven gospel vocals, having sampled the legendary singer’s classic 1969 tune ‘Woman of The Ghetto’.

While possessing the signature dark, soundset that make his tracks so insatiably addictive, the breakdowns’ calm nature can be likened to his 2017 hit ‘Adieu’. The “calm before” the storm idiom appropriately comes into play here, as the euphporic chords help create the seamless transition into the drops, where the Frenchman’s infatuating basslines unreletingly reel listeners in, much to their delight.

‘Faith’ is Tchami’s 5th release of the year, which follows the releases of ‘Born Again’ / ‘Buenos Aires’ and ‘Proud’ / ‘Ghosts’. It has also been revealed, that all five singles will feature in his forthcoming debut album; ‘Year Zero’, which is set to release next month.

James Todoroski
James Todoroski
Melbourne-based Journalist, producer and DJ. Completed a Diploma of Audio Production at SAE Institute and loves everything from Jazz to Disco. Have a question? Don't hesitate to drop me a line!




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