The Book Of Boba Fett: Everything We Know

After the nail-biting finale of Disney‘s Book of Boba Fett, there is – much like the inner-colon of a Sarlacc – much to digest, following the debut season of the latest hit series in the Star Wars universe. Not only have we seen a more complex emotional narrative attributed to everybody’s favourite cult hero, but we’ve learned the future path of Grogu, the post-ROTJ life of Luke Skywalker, seen the re-introduction of Ahsoka Tano, and even touched base with our favourite Mandalorian once more.

This is… Everything we know following The Book of Boba Fett:

Boba escaped the Sarlacc pit

Perhaps the key slice of information in Boba Fett‘s overall story arc arrived in the opening minutes of this Disney+ series, when our antihero – last seen in formulaic film version – was swallowed into the greedy jaws of the Sarlacc during ‘Return of the Jedi‘. Jango‘s son was presumed dead, though as we fashioned from The Mandalorian, this was not the case. Here, we see Fett snag extra oxygen from a half-digested Stormtrooper and use his flamethrower to bust out. Let’s hope he had some Radox handy to wash off all that Sarlacc slime!

Jabba is dead, the Hutts are not

The obese slug with a fetish for BDSM and Princesses of Alderaan (Do you think she ever…? Actually, that’s far too dark, let’s not imagine that… *shudders*) is – unlike Boba – indeed dead, killed by the same hostage he kept captive in that Tatooine cave. However, his descendants are still very much alive and well, fighting for his honour and legacy. We are introduced to Jabba‘s cousins during the series, who may still well have a big say on overall proceedings if/when a second season of ‘Book of Boba‘ is commissioned.

Ahsoka is finally a ‘family friend’

Perhaps one of the most heart-warming moments of the series, was finally witnessing the long-awaited bond between Ahsoka and Luke. Serving as Anakin‘s Padawan for much of ‘The Clone Wars’, her heartbreaking separation for the man she saw as an older brother was tragically detailed in the final quartet of episodes of the animated series. Now, we finally get to see her reunited with the Skywalker bloodline, as she tells Luke of how strongly he reminds her of his father. We can therefore presume that a good majority of the off-screen conversations between the two are spent recalling Anakin‘s Jedi heroics during her period of training alongside him.

Luke is a true (error-prone) Jedi

Much like the failings of the Jedi before him, Luke shows his tendency to fall into the faltered teachings of the old republic, adhering to the strict discipline of Yoda‘s era, something which ultimately led to his father’s turn to the dark side. Unlike Qui-Gon, who saw things from a much more lenient perspective (we can only presume Anakin‘s pathway would have proved highly different had Jinn not been slew by Maul), Luke backs Grogu into a corner over the choice he issues him with, asking him to abandon any emotional attachment, in the same way Anakin was discouraged into feelings of guilt and shame over his feelings for Padme.

The end of the Cad Bane reign

One character who appears to have finally met his end, is the terrifying figure of Cad Bane. A familiar face for viewers of ‘The Bad Batch’, Bane is/was the ruthless bounty hunter who insisted on the running of spice in Boba‘s territory. However, Fett was in no mood for negotiation and managed to overcome his adversary in a dramatic final duel, thus signalling an end to the Duro-mercenary’s frightful reign in the region.

Grogu is a Mandalorian

Of course, the most hotly discussed topic on the lips of fans heading into S1’s finale was whether or not Grogu would accept Yoda‘s lightsaber from Luke, and adopt the ways of the Jedi. Instead, our little green friend followed his heart and chose the bodysuit left for him by the Mando. Reunited with his father-figure via a spin in Luke‘s X-Wing – complete with R2 Grogu used his undeniable force abilities to save the day, but it would appear that his spot in our timeline rests with Din Djarin, not Master Skywalker. “I am a Mandalorian, like my father before me.”

Ben’s destruction isn’t fatal

One of our biggest concerns when viewing scenes between Luke & Grogu was the future of our infant frog-like creature. We’re fully aware, from the flashbacks observed in The Last Jedi, that Ben Solo‘s place in the Jedi Academy was an ill-fated period, which saw the son of Han transform into Sith Lord and future First Order-leader, Kylo Ren. In doing so, Solo destroyed Luke‘s temple – and along with The Knights of Ren – slaughtered the students of the academy. Luckily, Grogu‘s choice to head down the path of The Mandalorian has spared his fate from one of the most universally heart-crushing deaths in cinematic/television history.

For fans of the Star Wars saga, The Book of Boba Fett has proved a delightfully hunger-busting snack prior to the launch of Obi-Wan Kenobi on 25th May. Stay tuned to CULTR, as we’ll be predicting some of the easter-eggs we expect to unwrap during Ewan McGregor‘s return in the coming weeks, and… As his old Padawan himself would say….

… This is where the fun begins!




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