The Emotion Pro Are A Great Addition To SOUL’s Product Line

SOUL’s latest wireless earbuds have arrived and they are simply great. Whilst the design will not win any awards, the earbuds bring a range of improvements. Even though they may have a silly name, the actual product is far from.

One of the best features of the Emotion Pro is one that is not promoted. The earbuds fit perfectly in my ears comparing with other SOUL products and going for a run with them was a treat. At no point did I even need to push them back into my ears, which occurred frequently with others. At multiple times during use, I forgot they were even in my ears.

The noise cancellation and transparent modes are another terrific addition. Obviously compared with over ear headphones, the noise cancellation is not on their level.

The ability to connect to two devices at the one time is a new addition to the Emotion Pro and one that is very much welcomed. Being that weird person with two phones, this feature is terrific – allowing for notifications and music to be played through from both phones at the one time. Whilst I have not used then for a phone and a computer/laptop a the same time, I expect the experience to be just as terrific.

After enduring the tedious initial connection that many Bluetooth devices have, the connectivity was solid. By the time the earbuds were in my ears, they had connected to both phones and were ready to go.

The touch buttons are not the best. After a number of weeks, I did get a hold of the controls, but anything more than changing noise cancellation profiles and/or changing song, it’s best to alter on your phone.

Something that was missing from the SOUL suite of products for sometime was a companion app. Thankfully now it has arrived and is integrated with the Emotion Pro. Whilst the app is quite basic, allowing the changing of noise cancellation types as well as EQ profiles – it is better than nothing. For those wanting to customize EQ levels, the Emotion Pro is now on your list.

The look of the earbud is certainly not the strongest thing going for the product. Comparing with the Sync ANC, the Emotion Pro is not that easy on the eye. They are bulky and are not that sleak.

Another negative whilst comparing with the Sync ANC is the case, seen below, the case is more bulky and whilst still pocket-able, a weirder shape. However, all is forgiven thanks to the inclusion of wireless charging, allowing for even more options. The magnetic element also seemed weaker comparing with the Sync ANC, something that will be missed.

Once again, the battery life on the earbuds are outstanding. There are no worries at all with battery, using them for commuting for a whole week only dinted the capacity. The high efficiency battery boasts up to nine solid hours of continuous use on a single charge and 36 hours of music, entertainment, and talk time with ANC off (28 hours with ANC on).

The sound quality was solid, thanks to SOUL’s signature precision sound, including a powerful 10mm driver and AAC codec. The soul are certainly not for any audiophiles, but are more than pleasant for the average music and video consumer.

At $110+, these are not the cheapest option out there. SOUL now offer a lot of features that competitors have had for a while. For that reason, the Emotion Pro should definitely be in consideration when searching for new earbuds.

You can learn more and buy SOUL’s newest offering below.




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