The Highly Anticipated ‘Bliss’, Finally Sees The Light Of Day From Years

After its first play at Ultra 2015 by Axwell Ingrosso – ‘Bliss’ is finally here, 7 years later. The melodic gem is said to have been a joint effort between Years and Axwell, but the official release just notes Years as the artist. Axwell may have to much on his plate currently to be involved with this one.

In the Swedish House Mafia circles, ‘Bliss’ has been a track on everyone’s minds since its first play back in 2015 and it is understandable why. The incredible anthem grabs listeners with its incredible melodies and progressive structure. Played together with the ‘Under Control’ acapella, ‘Bliss’ was a standout in any set.

At one point, Amy Thomson, former Axwell Ingrosso and Swedish House Mafia manager stated the record was just for sets and would never be released. Around that time, Axwell Ingrosso stopped playing it so regularly in their sets. Hope seemed to have been lost until Years himself announced that 2020 was the year in which ‘Bliss’ would hit airwaves. After a few whispers throughout the scene, Years posted just the track artwork, with many (correctly) predicting it to be for ‘Bliss’.

With the arrival of ‘Bliss’, progressive house is certainly alive as we continue through 2022. While there are still many questions left unanswered about the track and it’s many years being unreleased, today is an amazing day for fans that have been begging for the record’s release for 7 years.