The Queen of Bass Music REZZ Releases “Hell on Earth” With Yultron

Rezz is an artist who has and will no doubt continue to certainly hold the spotlight for a very long time. Through unparalleled sound design and a unique sonic identity present within all her tracks, her latest release “Hell on Earth,” a collaboration with Yultron, is nothing short of masterful. The track captures attention from first seconds with a unique textural mix of bass, vocals and airy flute effects that soon enough leads to a pulsating drop.

Moreover, Yultron, who normally releases more upbeat tracks has embraced the dark and mysterious; which sees both artists skills collide in an unforgettable tune. In less than a week since release, the track has already amassed 50 thousand streams on Spotify and it’s evident why. With a bass-heavy drop that flaunts screeching synths, plucky arrangements and is filled with twists and turns, this track is definitely one you’ll want to add to your favourite playlists.

Be sure to listen to “Hell on Earth” below:




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