Metal-Inspired Dead Weight Drops Epic Riddim Single Titled ‘The Swarm’

Dead Weight presents a growing trend within the greater electronic music scene in which metal and hard rock is finding it’s way into the scene more and more. “The Swarm,” doesn’t directly embraces the genre sonically, but the overall aura of what Dead Weight brings to the table is abundantly inspired by the culture of this genre.

Diving into “The Swarm,” an awesome amount of power incircles the listener from start to finish. Beastly and letting up for nothing, the riddim style drops and haunting sound design send a surge of energy through the veins of those who dare to listen.

Ollie is the face and name behind the sound. Heavily committed to the project and the niche he is shining light on, all signs are pointing toward this being something that the scene will desire more of. There’s already a bassline of music fans who enjoy sounds of this style, Dead Weight is easily relatable to those who are warm to this space, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to the vibe with a horror-like disposition shown via his haunting make up on stage and a death-metal motif when it comes branding.

“The Swarm,” is his latest. If you dig what that track has to offer, check out the tune “Open Sore,” as well which is found just below.

Dead Weight seems to be in the beginnings of a project that will have longevity and heart easy to connected with.

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