The Wait Is Over: Sub Focus & Wilkinson Release their Anticipated Collaborative Album, ‘Portals’

With the release of “Air I Breathe” earlier this season, the electronic music community will finally hear the album from drum’n’bass wonders Sub Focus & Wilkinson, including this smash hit track along with other chart-worthy pieces such as “Illuminate”, and “Just Hold On”.

“Portals” brings a refreshing sound to the table of new releases this year, providing a new outlook on drum’n’bass and how it has the potential to reach more experimental heights. Here, Sub Focus & Wilkinson take a new look on combining ethereal vocals from fresh new featured artists, and elements of different live instruments to add layering and a soundscape of harmonic blends, keeping the rush of the iconic beat that the UK-based D’n’B duo made their name known from.

What you can expect from this album is a journey of new ideas, a flow of master-level production quality of surround-sound qualities in the tone of synths used, and a range of melodic dreamy tunes like “Freedom”, effortlessly blending into the heavier, bass-dominant “Turn The Lights Off”. Portals has no room for slacking, as its innovation to combine unlikely sounds from different eras of EDM into one, bring a new insight on what we can expect from this duo come live shows being rescheduled again – nonstop groove!




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