The Warehouse Project Makes a Splash With Australian Debut

Manchesters’ The Warehouse Project made it’s debut across Melbourne and Sydney last weekend. Across two days, the carefully curated lineup was situated in perfect venues to fit the naming and vibe.

On Melbourne’s Saturday, the crowd really kicked into gear as HAAi graced the stage. She began her epic 90 minute set with Skrillex’s new one ‘Push’. Just by her introduction record, everyone knew they were in for a treat. HAAi went from electronic beats to techno to commercial edits. Her set was sublime and was certainly one of the best of the night.

Following HAAi, LA’s Bonobo put on an incredible performance. Bonobo aka Simon Green showcased his notable set, taking the crowd on a journey through his signature records and some cool tribal house picks. It’s always a special time with Bonobo, the seven-time Grammy-nominated artist wound it back from the harder styles that HAAi was presenting and closed out the night perfectly. It was slightly jarring to have such heavy beats from HAAi and then turn to the chiller, calming records from Bonobo, not to take anything from each artist, but maybe the scheduling could be better.

Across the night, one thing was certain, the production was top-notch. Sitting above the crowd were many rigs, holding a plethora of production elements making for a beautiful visual wherever you looked. The massive screen behind the DJ and on-stage crowd showcased a stand-out visual, with a bright red colour behind what looked like one hundred silhouettes. It was clear that the production and visuals that were presented throughout the night were the best thing about the night, which says a lot when you have artists such as Bonobo and HAAI performing.

Photo credit: Jackson Loria 




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